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pro M tec is a leading provider of precise industrial measurement technology for determining the density / concentration of liquids using the microwave radiation method directly in the process.

The product range includes special sensors for installation in pipelines as well as for tanks and apparatus in industrial production. The sensors measure directly in the main stream of the process.

This enables a representative measurement in the process flow.


The majority of the sensors supplied require a product and application-specific adaptation on site. The proMtec company stands for worldwide commissioning and calibration services with its user know-how and many years of experience.

Photoshop compact.jpg

µ-ICC 2.45 compact - powerful and versatile compact device


µ-ICC 2.45 standard -

Four-channel technology for maximum flexibility

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µ-ICC 2.45 basic

itc photoshop.jpg

µ-ICC ITC 880 


Sensor designs

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