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What does the measurement of concentration by microwaves achieve for your process?

• The measurement is contactless, therefore the attrition of the sensors is absolutely minimal. There is practically no maintenance.

• The measurement is adequate for the main material stream in pipelines and for vessels, i.e. inline in your process. Such a measurement evaluates the real process as it is. Therefore you don’t have to rely on a measurement installed in a bypass which often cannot fully represent the main material stream.

• Based on the transmission through a representative cross-section of the product stream you measure „correctly“, you measure what counts.

• The measurement does not depend on optical transparency of the product and therefore it is almost independent of contamination and deposit on the sensor probes. So you have chosen a safe measuring procedure.

• Depending on the application you achieve during process measurement a high degree of precision which is comparable to the precision of your laboratory analysis results. Hence you can continuously benefit from the safety of your laboratory control in process.

What does proMtec achieve for you?

• When speaking to us, you can profit from the experience of thousands of realised measurements. Each measurement available on the market has to be carefully introduced into the existing measurement conditions, and it hast to be calibrated: all concentration measuring instruments available on the market at the moment do not measure the concentration directly but comparatively, i.e. by a calibration received from standards the measurement is adapted to the given application in your industrial process. This way we go along with you.

• The installation: we make ourselves a comprehensive picture of your measuring task before we recommend the optimal installation point.

• proMtec is operating with its measuring systems world-wide on all continents, i.e. you can trust in measuring systems which have worked and which have been accepted under the toughest conditions on-site.

• proMtec works only on installing instruments in industrial processes, i.e. you can be sure that we know what you are talking about. We already know your problem.

• proMtec is focused 100% on the concentration measurement by microwaves, i.e. as soon as there is further progress in this technology we will think about the usability of these accomplishments for the needs of our clients

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