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Our history

The proMtec Theisen GmbH today is a global privately owned German company in the field of microwave measurement technology.

Here you will find the most important data - from the first steps to today's global company.


In February 1996, Karl-Heinz Theisen founded the process measurement company proMtec as sole managing director, initially with the headquarters in Bad Herrenalb. Since the early days, the company has been dealing exclusively with measurement technology for industrial process control and has focused here on the use of a special microwave technology.


With the first growth, the company moves to Ettlingen. At the end of 2000 the company moved into the conveniently located Albtal business park, initially with 3 employees.


After the introduction of a new product line, an order intake of € 1.4 million can be achieved.


Over 1,000 measuring devices successfully installed in factories worldwide.


After further extraordinarily successful acquisitions across Europe and emerging Asia, more than 1,500 measurement systems were sold and in use in 2005. By then, sales of almost € 2.3 million have already been achieved, with growth of around 49% in each of the two previous years. At the headquarters in the Albtal business park in Ettlingen alone, there are already 10 employees.


Over 2,000 measuring devices have been delivered. A worldwide sales and distributor network is under construction.


proMtec is largely unaffected by the global economic crisis. On the contrary, the company is expanding its product range significantly in order to further expand its market activity.


Over 3,500 measuring devices have been delivered. The sales and distributor network is constantly being expanded to ensure the best possible service on site.
In addition, qualified employees are continuously being sought for the planned further growth of the owner-managed company.


New applications for large pipes also over DN300


OMC 2500 reliably and precisely determines moisture or dry mass of bulk goods, suspensions or pasty materials online.


ICC 1500 TOF is introduced.


Over 10,000 installations in over 60 countries around the world

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